UnCanny world of virtuality

”Chai,chai…pakore”,chanting of a vendor woke me up.Travelling to Odisha for a refreshing holiday, i had ceased to pack much luggage for my rail journey.Looking outside the window, the series of changing landscapes made the journey even more exciting. As i switched my senses from outside to my fellow companions, I observed a strange phenomenon.

Most of them were quite busy fiddling with cellphones,ranging from making phone calls to texting someone or crushing candies,for that matter.Most disturbing was the fact that even children who could barely speak, were busy playing with smartphones. Nobody bothered to start a conversation with people beside.

I fondly remember, times as a child , jumping from berth to berth and adults beneath having lengths of conversation with fellow passengers on every topic imaginable under the sun.If it was an election season, then needless to say, the arguments would have put parliamentarians to shame.Times have changed, where people even fail to notice whom they are travelling with. Ofcourse, the online forums are filled with opinions about who’s who, but we have critically hampered the humane part of associating with others on a face to face basis. Even the joy of travelling has its meaning changed with the coming of smartphone age, as a survey reported that , Indians consider sharing their vacation trips on social media platform ,more important than enjoying it. The culture of pomp & show as well as being indifferent on a personal note, has crept deep into our consciousness owing to the over reliance on technology. This has overall impacted our well being as well as ability to associate with others.

So, next time you are on vacation, try keeping that phone aside and knowing that person beside, who knows,you might just” love” it!!